There are many characteristics that determine Singapore Phone Number whether a text is easy to follow or not. In addition to short sentences, an active writing style and simple words, the cohesion between sentences is also an important factor. As a writer you apply these with signal words and connecting words, such as ‘because’, ‘but’ or ‘firstly’ and ‘secondly’. B1 does Singapore Phone Number not consider the task that a reader has to perform. There are several studies that underline the importance of coherence in your text.

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Take Jentine Land’s research. This shows that VMBO Singapore Phone Number students understand texts with short sentences without coherence less well than long sentences with connecting words. However, coherence does not appear as a character in the above list. And that’s not even talking about other text characteristics, such as structure, length and the Singapore Phone Number (graphic) design of your text. All in all, the list of B1 text features is therefore limited.

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Typewriter on wooden table with crumpled paper Singapore Phone Number and reading glasses next to it 5. B1 level does not take reader characteristics into account In addition to text characteristics, there are also reader characteristics that determine whether a text is understandable or not. Think of prior knowledge about a subject. In addition, some readers of Singapore Phone Number have more experience with a subject than others. Also, some are more motivated than others. Then there is the task for the reader to perform.

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