WPForms is a plugin that allows you to create forms for sites or blogs managed in WordPress. With customization and configuration options, anyone can quickly create structures, making these forms available on their pages to capture contacts, leads, and even payments. Ivan de Souza Feb 6, 20 | 6 min read how WPForms works The experience of creating and managing sites in WordPress can only be complete and provide good results when using the plugins. These are super important and can help you in different situations such as optimizing user navigation and helping in the configuration and monitoring of websites.

Without a doubt, one of the most useful options on the market is WPForms. Its use is specific to users who want to implement and insert forms on site pages , regardless of their purpose. It is common to use this resource to collect information from visitors, and then use this content to make adjustments and Marketing actions in a strategic way. With WPForms it is possible to create and use these forms, easily. In this article Norway WhatsApp Number List we will show how to use the plugin so that it is useful and functional from its creation to its use in everyday life. The content will address the following topics:What is and how does WPForms work? What types of forms can you create? How to create forms with this plugin? What are the advantages of using WPForms? Read on and learn how to use this fascinating resource! What is and how does WPForms work? WPForms is a WordPress plugin that is used to create and apply information forms on sites managed on the platform. The idea is precisely to simplify the process to the point of not needing to know or execute any type of site programming activity.

The process is simple: just access the WordPress plugin store, download and install WPForms. Then, the user will be able to start creating their form. After finishing the task, you will need to integrate it with the desired page. Ready! The form will start working immediately. All this process is carried out in a simple interface , with a dynamic of use that works like clicking and dragging. The elements of the forms are chosen by the user, the fields are named appropriately and then the structure will be ready to be applied on the pages. As much as this is a simple job, without the help of a plugin like WPForms it would be necessary to dedicate more time to the task, apart from being necessary to have programming knowledge . Form templates Of the outstanding functionalities of WPForms, the application- ready models may be the one that contributes the most to the usability and productivity of the plugin . The person managing the site doesn’t always know how to build a form from scratch, even though they can quickly do that with the tool.

As you can see, the ready-to-use models streamline the process even more. The plugin offers different types of models in which users can make alterations and customize them according to their needs, such as changing details in the appearance or modifying information, excluding or adding fields. In this way, in moments, you can choose and add a form directly to your site . Integrations Forms can be used for different purposes: it is part of a strategy capture leads or to make payments. In each of these situations, it may be necessary to send the information provided by users to some software . Integrations allow you to streamline and can even automate this process. Among the software that WPForms allows integration, the main ones, with their respective functionalities, are Paypal , to collect payments from the information in the form, and MailChimp , aimed at capturing emails and creating mailing . Additionally, forms can be securely integrated with research data monitoring tools in WordPress. What types of forms can you create? Forms can have different purposes within a site. On a landing page , for example, they are used to capture leads, do research, and make payments. Learn about the main types of forms that can be created using WPForms. Research Research is one of the most effective ways of knowing your audience or a specific audience , even these studies allow you to define and create Buyer Personas more aligned with your objectives.

Contact subscription Contact forms are the most common. These can be used by companies that want to capture the contact information of users interested in their products or services to later contact them. Another way to use this type of form is to include it on the pages for downloading ebooks. In WPForms it is possible to create them in landing pages or in the footers and centers of the pages. Forms with files In some forms, fields must be included to upload attachments, this can be very useful in some segments. This functionality is particularly interesting for some companies because it makes this contact the most dynamic and useful user, once it allows the sending of files . Payments The payment forms can be used in e-commerce or in sites that collect donations. Apart from including fields referring to personal data, it should also have fields for payment information such as credit cards and other related data. Price and shipping calculator In online stores , it is common to find tools for calculating prices and shipping, both varying according to the information provided by the consumer. With WPForms it is easy to create these dynamic and variable forms according to the data entered by the users. How to create forms with this plugin? If you were interested in the advantages that WPForms can offer for your strategy, surely you are thinking about how to install and start using this resource.

There are no complications! It is enough to follow the steps that we will present below:Download and install the plugin You can choose between the premium and freemium options (free). If you choose the free one, even to test the product, you will need to download WPForms in a version with fewer resources, but still extremely efficient. To access the plugin, just type your name in the search field of the WordPress plugin store. After installing it, you must click on “Activate” at the end of the process. In this way, the plugin will appear in the sidebar and will be ready to be used. Create and customize the form To start using WPForms, you must access the plugin bar in WordPress and select it. Then a drop-down menu will open. Click on “Add New” , at this time a customization screen will appear to create the forms in the way you like the most. Configure The settings allow the user to define the notifications for each completed form and to program where the inserted information should be stored. At this stage, it is also possible to integrate with other plugins such as payments. When creating a new form, a menu will appear on the left side and you will see, among the options, one called “Settings” . Click on this option and start working on the operating settings of the forms.

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