Internationalizing a business is essential in the globalized world in which we live. Therefore, it is essential to have a tool that helps in multilingual communication. WPML is a powerful plugin that makes it easy to translate your content into multiple languages. Ivan de Souza Apr 26, 20 | 7 min read WPML plugin The world is increasingly globalized and this makes it easier for a company to cross its borders. The physical limits are getting smaller, Sri-Lanka Phone Number List but there is still a problem in the internationalization of a company: the language. For this reason, solutions such as WPML have emerged for sites created in WordPress . The presence on the internet allows a company to be seen anywhere in the world, but we must think about the best way to reach this new audience. If you want your website to reach the international market, you must prepare for that. The first step is to translate your content into the languages ​​of the countries you want to reach. In WordPress there are several plugins on the market that facilitate this work. Today we are going to talk specifically about WPML, the most popular of the tools for multilingual sites. In this article you will see: What is WPML? What are the features of WPML? How to translate websites using WPML?

With WPML can I dispense a translator? Ready to start? Let’s go there! What is WPML? WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to transform a monolingual website or blog into a multilingual platform . With this tool, the content of your domain can be translated into more than 40 languages without affecting SEO . In addition, it is very intuitive and has several resources that facilitate the translation process. The plugin has automatic and manual translation, both can be worked in parallel. WPML is currently the most widely used in the world. It is a tool that has been around for many years, but it receives updates constantly. To use this plugin, you must buy it on the brand’s platform so that it can be installed in WordPress later. You can buy the tool from USD 29 and the renewal after one year is USD 21.

If you have a blog and you want it to be multilingual, this is a plugin that you cannot miss in your repertoire. But if you haven’t created your blog yet, first get to know Rock Stage , Rock’s blog management and hosting platform made entirely on WordPress. What are the features of WPML? It’s no wonder that WPML is so widely used around the world – it has several resources that make it easy to manage a multilingual website. Here are some of its features. Facilitate the management of your multilingual website Structuring a multilingual website can seem like a headache for anyone, however WPML helps with this task. After installation, select the languages ​​you want to have on your website or blog and decide how you want to organize the content. You can choose to have a different domain for each one, divide them into subdomains or separate them into directories. Thus, everything is organized and with clean code that will not harm technical SEO .

These contents may also interest you: Meet Rock Stage, the solution to create WordPress websites and blogs Understand what DDOS is and how to prevent attacks on your company website WPO: know the best practices guide to boost the technical performance of your website Allows SEO optimization As we have just seen, the structuring of the site collaborates with the technical SEO. In addition, other details can be optimized. For example, you can take advantage of each of the URLs, meta descriptions, alternative texts and other information that are part of good international SEO practices . Supports most themes WordPress has a wide variety of themes and new alternatives are released often. WPML is compatible with most WordPress themes. Even new versions are constantly tested so there are no differences. In addition, WPML is also compatible with the most used plugins on the market, among them we can mention: Yoast , Woo, Contact Form 7 , Avada, among others. Enables the translation of the texts of the topics Another feature of the plugin is the translation of themes. As it is compatible with most of them, its translation is possible. The same goes for plugins. That way, your multilingual website will look flawless. Allows optimal management of translations As mentioned above, the plugin allows you to perform an automatic or manual translation.

Automatic translation is very simple to do and the platform collaborates with your intuitive design . With a few clicks it is possible to translate your page automatically. On the other hand, manual translation offers higher quality when performed by competent professionals. For this reason, if you will not be responsible for this task, the tool allows you to share the translation panel with the translators who will do the work, limiting your access only to the content to be translated. Gives access to a network of translators Another option of the tool is access to a network of qualified translators. Thus, you can use them if you do not have the appropriate professionals to perform this function. How to translate websites using WPML? Like the other WordPress plugins, WPML is pretty simple. Once installed, it is ready to be configured and transform your domain into a multilingual website. You will see how to use it in just a few steps below. Setting up the plugin When you click on the installed plugin, you will see the following screen: wpml splash screen plugin Before setting up the new languages, you must select the language of your website. Later, on the next page, all the languages ​​that you can configure on your website will appear, in addition to the original one.

WPML countries You must select the ones you want to use. Once selected, you will go to the next page where you can place the order that you want to appear in the menu. WPML configuration After doing this, on the same page you must select the option that will generate the language menu on the home page of your website. Doing the translations Translations can be done in two ways, automatic or manual. Once the initial setups are complete, you are ready to do your translations. To do this, you usually access your blog posts. You will see the following image. Next to each of the entries there is a “+” under the language flag. To do the translation, simply click on the “+” corresponding to the language you want to translate. This will take you to the next page. In it you will see the original text on the left and the spaces where you will insert the translated content on the side. On the right you can do the translation of each block individually or if you prefer you can click on the automatic translation option at the top. The plugin is completely intuitive and easy to use. If you have an external team of translators, they will only have access to the content to be translated. They don’t even get to touch the original content.

A practical way to safely outsource work. With WPML can I dispense a translator? As you saw, WPML gives you the option of performing an automatic translation, however, it is important to talk about the pros and cons of this alternative. Advantages of machine translation The biggest advantage of machine translation is the speed with which the content is translated. There is no human being in the world who can approach that speed . However, it is important to consider the losses this can bring to a content strategy. Disadvantages of machine translation When creating a content marketing strategy, we must consider many factors before we start producing our material. All this is necessary to find the best way to communicate with the Buyer Persona , following the best SEO practices. When we do an automatic translation, everything disappears. The tone as we speak to the person will no longer be the same, the keyword translated literally may not have the same effect, and some of the SEO practices may fade into machine translation. If the translation of a literary text can be greatly affected by a machine translation, what can we say about digital content that aims to captivate the person? In Marketing it is essential to use the right words that allow an approximation with the reader, something that cannot be done in a machine translation. The need for a translator is very strong , but not just anyone, but a translator who understands not only SEO, but also copywriting .

Therefore, answering the question that starts this segment: no, it is not possible to dispense with a translator and that is not the purpose of the plugin. Its objective is to offer an alternative that allows you to transform a monolingual website into a multilingual website in just a few steps, without compromising your search engine positioning, facilitating your management. WPML is a very useful tool for those who seek to reach other cultures and expand businesses in other countries with a professional result. If you use WordPress and want to internationalize your brand, do not hesitate to acquire this tool that will undoubtedly facilitate your growth in other territories. Like WPML, there is a wide variety of plugins that can make your life easier and help your website perform well. Do you want to meet some of them? Take a look at the best WordPress plugins and install the best ones for your website soon!

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