We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · Tunisia Email List  We like to create unique experiences One of the first topics I had to follow when I started working as a journalist specializing in technology and, above all, in the Internet was the frustrated sale of Yahoo to Microsoft. Yahoo was, then, still a more or less popular internet service. Many people had an email address with them, but it was not only that service that was known.

Yahoo had been a pioneer of the internet and key in its popularization for many consumers. At the beginning of this century, it was still a relevant brand, with its own search engine and with offices in multiple countries throughout the world. Their executives regularly participated in conferences and internet events that the press attended, and their brand name generated something with consumers. His potential purchase by Microsoft was, in fact, a soap opera of great proportions in which the fear was the position of dominance that could come out of the resulting giant. The operation ended up falling, frustrated by all these pressures, and, possibly, Yahoo’s fate was thrown, although in the following years it made many attempts to rebuild itself and to recover the value of its brand. A few weeks ago, consumers were mourning the closure of Yahoo Answers, one of the services that had become practically icons of the internet of the 2000s and that had established itself as a cultural landmark.

Now, Yahoo has just been sold. Verizon, one of the big telcos in the US, had bought it a few years ago to try to position itself in the online advertising market in that country. It has not succeeded. Yahoo has been sold for $ 5 billion in a deal that also includes AOL, another network giant from decades ago. The buyer is Apollo Global Management, an investment fund. In addition to the two internet headers and their brands, buyers are also left with Verizon’s ad technology business unit. It’s not the final episode of Yahoo’s life, but it almost feels like it. Along the way are the flashy movements to try to come back, such as when they bought Tumblr for a million (and it did not go well) or when they signed Marissa Meyer, a former director of Google, to redirect their future (neither did it). A couple of years ago, Yahoo rebranded to try and stay relevant. Why Yahoo ended up crashing But why has Yahoo ended up in this situation and how has one of the most powerful brands on the internet managed to tap so abruptly in recent years? Yahoo is not alone in the history of setbacks and punctures.

Brands that in 2000 were the most and had a pull and a very high value are now echoes of the past. BlackBerry was the brand object of desire at the beginning of the century, when the phones manufactured by its owner, RIM, were the precedent of the smartphone. Now it is a forgotten brand , which has not even been rewarded by the power of nostalgia. Something similar happens with Nokia , which tried to come back with low-priced mobiles but failed to connect with audiences. The reasons for the Yahoo jab are varied and could even be said to be similar to what happened to those giants. First, he saw a newly minted rival emerge who offered a better product. Google eclipsed the Yahoo search engine by offering a more efficient service and also growing significantly in the online advertising market.

Later, he was locked in a kind of frustrated sales soap opera (the company felt that it was worth more sometimes, but time ended up showing that they lost their opportunity) and also in a spiral of mismanagement. For a season, every so often, journalists who covered this type of news had to write about some new CEO who was going to save Yahoo. None of them succeeded, not even Marissa Meyer, the most promising person of all they signed. Yahoo had become a difficult monster to control. All the elements that had made it ‘cool’ and reign in the market – from Geocities to Yahoo Answers – were becoming overwhelmingly out of date and the company had to shut them down. Having been a very popular and valuable brand did not do much good in the face of time and market changes.

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