During these moments you can really convey Cambodia Phone Number your message in expanded form. A woman watches a video on a mobile phone on a train. You can already feel it coming: your choice for the type of video content (and its length/design) therefore completely depends on the impact you want and above all can make. Video marketing for different purposes Of course you want the videos to Cambodia Phone Number to contribute to the goal you have. And the beauty of using video on social media is that it can serve a variety of purposes.

Cambodia Phone Number

See It As An Opportunity

Do you want to create awareness of Cambodia Phone Number among your target group? Then video contributes to telling the story. Much more than static content. Videos in the awareness phase should ideally last 10-15 seconds. So short and sweet. triggering. Once we are further down the funnel, in the consideration Cambodia Phone Number phase, video can provide more information about a product/service. More in-depth, as it were, to further stimulate interest.

To Get Even Better

But you can also use video to help get traffic Cambodia Phone Number to your website in this phase. I recommend testing with video in the conversion layer as well. Ideally with a shortened version (about 5-6 seconds) of your video, so that the content does not distract too much from your call to action. Also Read: Why Cambodia Phone Number Video Marketing Pays Off – 12 Figures [Infographic] We now know the benefits of moving images within your social media content strategy. Whether you call it motion or video.


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