While stocks last We are all familiar with Albania Phone Number texts such as ‘while stocks last’, ‘as long as stocks last’ and ‘two more rooms available’. It’s those Cialdini-esque slogans that hint at scarcity. We think a scarce product is better. And man, are we afraid of missing out. The FOMO alarm bells are going off! Fear is a bad Albania Phone Number counselor The principle of scarcity relies on the human fear of missing out. And as often. Fear is a bad counselor. It is even so bad that the majority of Dutch people buy a Staatslot because they are afraid that the Jackpot will soon pass them by. And that’s crazy.

Albania Phone Number

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The odds of winning the Jackpot are 1 in 63,000,000. RTL News writes: The chance that you will guess the pin code of a debit card Albania Phone Number found within three times is almost 2000 times greater. Anyway. Scarcity and the fear of going wrong go hand in hand. We can say that scarcity affects our choices. Let’s delve a little more into the “goodness” of these choices. Can we human animals cope well Albania Phone Number with making choices in the event of ‘scarcity’?

Fast! Buy tulips! In the seventeenth Albania Phone Number century it was apparently the bomb to buy tulips. The Prince Bernhard Juniors of the seventeenth century pressed the hip, large spectacle frames a little closer to the nose when a bag of tulip bulbs rolled by on a covered wagon. The height of the tulip bulb Albania Phone Number madness was reached in January 1637, when a bag of tulip bulbs was worth about as much as an Amsterdam canal house.

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