WordPress Multisite generates an extremely functional control panel, allowing the administrator to manage several sites from a single environment. Thanks to this, your work becomes more agile and practical! Edgar higuerey Mar 4, 20 | 8 min read how-wordpress-multisite-works Has managing multiple sites in WordPress become a problem? WordPress Multisite is the ideal solution for those who have several pages within a CMS and do not know how to optimize the control of all of them. It can be really very complicated to use different browser tabs to manage them. This resource, which organizes the control of several sites in an optimized way , originated due to the increase in users facing difficulties. WordPress Multisite is a solution developed by the company itself , which offers more security and reliability in its utility and functionalities.

In this article you will discover a lot of interesting information to help you get started with WordPress Multisite! Guatemala WhatsApp Number List Understand more details of how the platform works and know its main applications and advantages. Also learn how to activate to start using the tool! What is WordPress Multisite? WordPress Multisite is a tool aimed at users who have several sites on the platform and who find it difficult to manage them in a practical way. And it is that taking care of the activities of several pages is not a simple task and can generate a lot of confusion for those who have the role of managing them. WordPress Multisite was developed to offer a single control center, that is, a dashboard in which the user can view and manage all their active sites. Thus, already online websites and new projects can be integrated into the panel, transforming work into a more practical and centralized activity. The operating structure The platform literally works like a network. To achieve control of different sites with WordPress hosting , in that same panel, it is essential that the user adds their web portals to the network. In this way they will be connected to a central and, later, they can be controlled from the smart dashboard. This environment offers a series of functions related to management work, from access to publication pages to theme settings and customization. All changes must be made in the panel that supports all active websites. Tool Applications WordPress Multisite offers a number of applications on your dashboard.

These allow a wide operation, with all the normal functions of the traditional platform, but concentrating all the sites in the same operation interface. Apart from the most basic configuration functionalities, WordPress Multisite also has a number of interesting plugins . Among these, we highlight: Multisite Content Copier : create a new site using databases from an existing one and streamline the process; Network Shared Media : based on a media library, which will help you manage all the sites on your dashboard; User Switching : toggle account management without leaving and entering sites over and over again; Multisite Toolbar Aditions : create new shortcuts on the toolbar to optimize the execution of simple tasks from the dashboard; WordPress Domain Mapping : maps the external domains of each of the sites on your network. What are the main advantages of WordPress Multisite? Analyzing the operation of WordPress Multisite so far, it is easy to understand how the tool is useful and of great help for those who manage multiple websites.

However, it is always interesting to understand more details about the main advantages that this platform offers. Centralization optimizes time and operation . These features streamline activity by reducing the occurrence of WordPress errors and providing more convenience for the administrator. All management is centralized in just one dashboard The main advantage of using this platform is to guarantee that all websites will be viewed, controlled and managed in just one environment. Centralization is done within an efficient dashboard capable of bringing together the entire network without the operation being confused or minimally complex . In this case, centralizing is the perfect solution for the administrator to have greater control of their pages. In the same panel, it is possible to make any necessary alteration to the sites, just by choosing which one will be operated at that time. The dashboard also shows the status of each of the sites in real time , allowing better control throughout the entire period of operation. Without this centralization, the user is exposed to complicated practices, such as having to work in several browser tabs, one for each site. The publications are made in an agile way and with the same tool Publications are the most recurring and important activities for those who create a blog as part of Content Marketing strategies and managing a site in WordPress. However, if you have several, it is a bit difficult to divide the attention between them and open several editing tools in a short time. On the platform, this is not necessary, considering that there is only one text box that works well for all sites on the network .

The operation happens as follows: the user only has to select one of the sites and all the publications made in the editing tool will be directed to that location. If you want to publish content on another website, just change the selection, without affecting the screen. The environment changes little, is intuitive and makes work easier, even when changing websites. These contents may also interest you: Know the keys to increase the loading speed of your website SEO Guide in WordPress: How to Use the CMS to Get to the Top of Google Is there a better content manager than WordPress? Here we make the comparison Users are freely invited to the network Another important part of the job of a site administrator is inviting new users to work on their projects. This is a complex responsibility without the use of WordPress Multisite, but when this platform kicks in, multiple invitations can be sent to anyone . In this way, in a workgroup, users are added to the network easily and in a few clicks. Apart from including more people in the project, they also have broad access to the dashboard. The administrator defines the level of participation of each of these new users, limiting their administration possibilities. In practice, the invitations are accompanied by the job classification of each one.

How to activate WordPress Multisite? To start using the WordPress Multisite control center, it is necessary to activate the tool, which requires some steps, including configuration of the “.php” files, changes in the network structure and the installation of the dashboard. Without further ado, here we leave you a step by step to do the activation. 1. Update your network configuration This stage is essential for WordPress Multisite to be really installed with the ideal settings for its operation. For this challenge, follow this path: Access your FTP client and open your site directory; This command activated the multisite and from then on, you’ll be almost using it! 2. Network configuration In your WordPress dashboard, go to the “Network Setup” tab. There you will find field options to name the network with which you will work all the dashboard sites. Also enter your administrator email and then click Install . In Networking Setup you can also choose if the work will be done with subdomains or subdirectories. In practice, they both work in the same way.

The essential thing is that they have the registration of the main domain of the network. 3. htaccess file and when you find it, right-click and select Edit  View All the code present in this file must be deleted and replaced by:4. WordPress Multisite access through the panel You will see the first hint of the brand new tool when you enter the WordPress panel again. There you will find a new tab called My Sites . You must click on this option to start using just a dashboard to manage all the operation of your network in a simple and optimized way. Does your daily mission include managing multiple sites in one go? Well, now you understand a little more about how WordPress Multisite can be extremely efficient in this multiple operation. Go through this step by step and start using all the practical features of WordPress Multisite! Do you want to continue learning more about the most used CMS in the world? Then check out this free e-book on WordPress for Corporate Blogs . It will surely be very useful in your professional processes!

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