Zapier is a software that integrates between programs and web applications, allowing the performance of combined actions and the transfer of information between platforms. Clara Borges Jan 9, 20 | 5 min read what is Zapier and how does it work Whoever works with Digital Marketing is always juggling various online tools. In the end, people always want to do everything at the same time, try new strategies, and still maintain an organized database. A good Marketing automation tool , like RD Station or Hubspot , already manages to put various tasks on autopilot. But not all. Imagine the following situations: you make an announcement in Facebook Lead Ads and you need to pass the main information to your Marketing automation tool;you install a pop-up on your blog to capture emails and you need to pass these subscribers to your marketing automation;you do a co-Marketing action and you need to share the leads with the associated company (or vice versa). Have you been through a situation like this?

Then you have to meet Zapier. How Zapier works Zapier is a program that exists for those who want to connect web tools without the need for programming knowledge. Here at Rock Content we use Zapier for various processes and affectionately call this tool the Marketing ‘messenger’ . If you need to carry data from one place to another, he can be the most practical solution! In this article, Uganda WhatsApp Number List I will tell you more about Zapier and illustrate some situations where you can use it. Zapier plans and pricing No one here has an unlimited budget , so let’s get straight to the point: how do Zapier’s plans and pricing work? Zapier has a free plan , called Free Forever. With it, you can make connections of a maximum of 2 steps at a time. For example, taking information from a pop-up tool, like Hellobar, and passing it to your Marketing automation tool .

The weakness of the Free Forever plan is that not all applications are available for that plan. For example, an integration with Facebook Lead Ads can only be done with the paid plan. From US $ 20 / month , you can get integrations with 3 or more steps. For example, take emails collected by a pop-up tool, switch to your Marketing automation tool, and add that information to a Google Sheets control spreadsheet. In addition, with the paid plan you have access to all the applications available on Zapier. Facebook Lead Ads, Google Calendar, and Zendesk are examples of some Premium programs available only on the paid plan. An example of how to use Zapier in the lead management processEach integration made in Zapier between two or more tools is called Zap . You can make combinations between different tools, but, to illustrate in practice how you can use Zapier in your Digital Marketing strategy , I have separated one of the most practical and useful Zaps here on Rock Content. In this step-by-step, you can create a lead generation offer consisting of a survey or questionnaire in Typeform and immediately pass those leads to a marketing automation tool, such as RD Station .

Step 1: create a questionnaire in Typeform To do this, you must create an account to start, or login, to Typeform . Once there, you will do your survey or questionnaire normally. When your offer is ready, proceed to the second step. Step 2: create a Zap that starts with Typeform You will use Zapier to extract the information that has been collected in Typeform so that you can send it to RD Station. To do this, first go to the website and create a new Zap by clicking the orange button. The first action of your Zap will be to connect the Typeform. To do this, type “Typeform” in the application search and select Typeform. Step 3: setting up the integration with Typeform When you select Typeform as your Zap entry application , Zapier will guide you through various setup steps. The first is to choose when you want your Zap to fire . In the case of Typeform, there is only one option, which is New Entry . That is, this Zap will be activated every time someone completes your questionnaire in Typeform. After that, you will need to connect your Typeform account .

When your account is connected to Zapier, you will be directed to the Edit options step , where you will choose what type of Typeform form you want to use for this Zap. Your forms will automatically appear in a dropdown list. Finally, it’s time to test the connection to Typeform. Click on test this step so that Zapier can confirm that everything is ok. Step 4: Passing your leads to RD Station After creating your Zap, click the “+” button to add a new action . Once you do, you will be asked to choose the application you want to use for this new action. In this case, select RD Station . Now you must configure the connection to RD Station, similar to what we did with Typeform previously. The integration with RD Station in Zapier allows you to perform 3 types of actions:Create Lead, Lost Deal, or Won Deal. In this case, select Create Lead because we want to create a new lead in our RD Station database. After that, you will need to connect your RD Station account. Once this is done, in Edit Template , you will choose what information collected in Typeform you want to pass to RD Station. Step 5: Choosing what information to pass to RD Station Email information and a conversion identifier are required for RD Station to identify what you want to spend.

To receive the email of the person who answered your questionnaire in Typeform, you must first have included this question in the questionnaire. If you have already done so, you can click on the icon next to the “Email” field of the Edit Template, and a list of all the questions in your questionnaire will appear in Typeform. Choose here the question you used in Typeform to ask for the emails of your leads. In the next required field, which is the conversion field , you must enter a name for the conversion that will be recorded in RD Station. In this way, you will be able to segment, in RD Station, the leads that were converted into this offer. Ready! You have the basic information to register your Typeform leads in RD Station. For this example, I used RD Station because it is a widely used marketing automation tool in Latin America today. But other tools also integrate with Zapier! It may sound complex, but Zapier is a very easy tool to use once you get some practice done. The learning curve is worth it for the multiple uses it can bring to your Marketing processes, as well as to other areas of your company. Here are other suggestions on how to use Zapier that can be applied in your day to day:send leads from Facebook Lead Ads or LinkedIn Lead Gen to a marketing automation tool;sending Hellobar leads to a marketing automation tool; Automatically sync your lead base information with a Google Spreadsheets template.

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